27 Jun

Beat the Heat in Style

Alright, it's officially disgusting outside. It's that walk-out-the-door-and-start-sweating-profusely kind of hot. And I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to look good in anything when it's this warm. Jeans stick. Tank tops stick. Skirts even stick in this weather. Gross! So, I did some hunting to find the best possible wardrobe pieces for sweltering heat. Here are the coooolest things I found...

I personally find maxi dresses to be like heat tunnels--they just filter all that hot air straight up at your body. So, here's my favorite alternative--an easy, breezy, shorter version that's super versatile. This one, from Anthropologie, comes in several different colors.


I should have added jewelry to that list of things that stick, too. Yes, when it's hot, even necklaces stick. So I say, keep everything heavy and sweat-worthy off your face and neck--go for cute, dangly earrings to add some spice to your ensemble, while keeping things cool around your head. I almost bought up Forever 21's entire accessory section the other day, but to spare you some endless scrolling, I'll just narrow it down to one: heart-shaped hoops. So cute, and they're only $2.80.


I know lots of ladies are sporting the crop top right now, but my abs are not ready for the world, nor is the world ready for my abs. As a longer, more wearable alternative, C&C California has tons of adorable tie-front shirts available. My Hawaiian-loving self is loving this palm tree print, available at Revolve.


And if none of these ideas work, you can always just chase down the ice cream truck and sit on your porch slurping lemonade and noshing on ice cream treats for the duration of the summer. That's probably what I'll be doing :)

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27 Jan

Time to Accessorize!

I was going to write "Time to Exercise!" but let's be honest, accessorizing is way more fun. Here are some of my favorite new baubles for 2013...





I'm really enamored with this line of jewelry because the owner tells the inspiration and meaning behind specific pieces and materials - she has a lot of insight and wisdom to offer. Check it out for yourself and order a piece or two @ http://houseofkingsandpriests.com.


Zoe & Morgan



Zoe & Morgan pieces are pretty rock and roll, which I love. But their little word rings are super cute, too. They have cool guy's stuff as well, which is hard to come by! Check it out... http://zoeandmorgan.com.





Good ole, Etsy. You have everything I could ever need or want! And I've been into anchors lately. Found these little gems on All Beadazzled's shop. So cute! Get yourself some...

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12 Oct

Keeping Up With The...

Jonases! I am seriously loving sweet little Dani Jonas right now. She has such a cute, classy style. Whether it's a red carpet ensemble or shorts and a t-shirt, she always looks great. Way to keep it classy, Dani.

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26 Aug

Testify, Nancy!

Nancy is leading a confident, stylish, Hepburn lifestyle. Go, Nancy!

I'm 41 now, but as a child and teenager, jeans and sweat pants were for me! My mother always made me dress up to go out to eat or to the mall in the 70s and early 80s; it was the thing to do. When I went to college, I still wore jeans every chance I got. However, I started as a music major and we were expected to dress up for the concerts we attended. I was glad my mother instilled looking nice in me whether I wanted it or not. I changed my major and have been a pre-k teacher for 15 years. So many times people comment on me dressing nice (everything is washable) and now I am aspiring to be an administrator. Of course I'm not saying it's all about the clothes. It's also the attitude of having respect for yourself and others. I listen to my elders and try to learn. When I read your book, it was already a life style I was trying to lead. With so many "Hiltons" around, I was happy to read something encouraging women to be more like Hepburn. It made me more confident in the choices I have made for myself to be more refined and be the lady my mother taught me to be.

Have a Hepburn testimony to share? Email booking@jordanchristy.com.

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02 Feb

Things That Are Neat

Nothing like a little retail therapy to cure the winter blues!

I'm obsessed with lamp lighting and, by extension, lamp shades. This one is sweet and springy. www.anthropologie.com



My mom spotted this dress and I think it's adorable, too. www.bcbg.com




Even if you can't wind a film, this photo album is lots of fun. www.barnesandnoble.com 

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03 May

Think I'll Go to Boston...

I recently returned from a fun trip to one of my favorite cities - my sister came with me, and despite the rain and muck, we made the most of it...and of course found our way to Newbury Street to do some serious shopping. Now, the story that I'm about to recount is not embellished, fabricated, or in any way altered, lest you start to think that I exaggerate my klutziness. These are just raw facts, people. 

Anyway, like I was saying, we found our way to Newbury St. - umbrellas in hand and credit cards in tow. After scoping out some of the usual stops (H&M, Benneton, Zara), I spotted a new favorite of mine, Reiss. Now, let me start by saying that Reiss is definitely a more high-end store. It's based in the U.K. and has won lots of awards for their high-quality stuff, so the place itself is obviously a nicer shop. We're talking hardwood floors, soft music, and a grand staircase inside. So, Abby and I made our way in out of the rain to browse the spring collection. 

With no one in there but ourselves and the saleswoman, she began to make polite conversation about who we were and where we were from. Finally, after finding several dresses that I loved, we started to make our way towards the front of the store, still just us three in the deathly quiet little shop. That's when things got ugly.

Not remembering that there was a mini-staircase in the middle of the shop, I continued walking towards the door, my head held high focusing on the shimmering high-end merchandise around me, not to mention the weighty plastic shopping bags in my arm. Abby followed steadily behind me, still engaged in polite conversation with the boutique's clerk. I strode confidently towards the door and only stopped to look down once where my feet where going. As luck would have it, I looked down at the exact moment I became aware of the staircase beneath me. 


I saw my feet miss the steps completely, and instead, land loudly at the very bottom of the glossy wooden stairs. The rain from the streets on my sandals only compounded the situation, creating a squeaky slip-n-slide effect on the slick, short steps. Unsure of what to do next, I attempted to pick myself up and act as though I meant to do that. The saleswoman was clearly unimpressed at my embarrassing retail faux pax, giving me a look that said please don't come back. As I exited the store and struggled to regain my composure, my sister showed little remorse and instead busted out laughing at my unfortunate blunder. 

Despite my idiot tendencies, the Northeastern chapter of KD welcomed me with open arms later in the day and we had a lovely event at the quaint urban college that evening. All that to say, Boston, I understand if you don't want me back. Like Augustana says, it's a good thing no one there knows my name. 


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